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If you feel like you are stuck in a rut, not sure if you are on the right path in your career or would like clarity and insight on any obstacles you are facing – call or email me – there are always solutions.

I am an intuitive psychic clairvoyant working with Angels and Spirit Guides to uplift and empower you. All readings are compassionate, non-judgemental and straightforward. Readings give you spiritual and practical guidance to move forward and create the happy, loving and successful life you deserve. I work with various spiritual tools to give you the most valuable insight and clarity.


Tarot deals very much with your life right now, concerns around your home-life, career, finances and relationships. Angel guidance acts as confirmation on feelings and intuitive hints you may already be getting, but are not acting on! Colour highlights the energies affecting you emotionally, and your loved ones in spirit may connect if they have a special message for you.



I had a psychic reading with Heidi and she gave me all the relevant information that I needed to clarify my situation. She is very helpful, warm hearted and uplifting with postive energy. The  entire session had a very positive effect on me. THANK YOU Heidi for everything. Kahil x


Time goes very quickly both on the phone and during face to face readings, so really consider what you wish to achieve from your reading. I recommend you have a written list of questions ready and don’t be afraid to ask them. Be relaxed and open-minded during the reading and have a note pad ready!


Please call or email for appointment time before paying online – thank you.


1 hr Angel, Tarot & Colour Reading – 1-2-1 or phone / skype
Price: £60.00


45 min Angel, Tarot & Colour Reading  by phone / Skype only
Price: £45.00


30 min Angel, Tarot & Colour Reading – by phone / Skype only

Price: £30.00


Your Colour Personality Chart

Price: £18.95


Email Readings

Price: £45.00


0771 4257461 -  please call or text for availability or go to my contact page

I have been blessed with some lovely testimonials from my clients…


Dear Heidi, Just a note to thank you for so very kindly spending so much time with me at yesterday’s reading.  Your guidance and insight was most helpful and I’m already putting some of your advice into practice and will continue to do so. You have given me the confidence and resolve to proceed along the path I had in mind and cleared away some of the doubts I had and I also feel more  confident now in setting some boundaries with regard to certain issues. Once again, my grateful thanks to you. With kind regards, Annette


 I would definitely recommend a reading with Heidi, especially if you’ve never had a reading before.  Her guidance was accurate, insightful and uplifting. I received advice at a crucial turning point in my life which confirmed some of the answers I was looking for, plus spiritual advice about where my life should be going and what I needed to do. My mind and heart are now also open to my spiritual guides, faith, angels and my spiritual gifts.  Thank you Heidi.  Best wishes Denise
I went to see Heidi in the depths of despair after a series of traumas. She really lifted me up and I left in a really positive state, she is so lovely. I am lining up my Reiki next! Thank you so much xx Tamazin
I have had two readings with Heidi, always when I was facing big changes in my life and need to get some guidance towards the direction I was contemplating. Heidi creates a great rapour and instantly puts you at ease and wants to understand how she can best help you get clarity to the dilemmas you currently face. I found both the readings really insightful and very accurate indeed, she helped me deal with the challenges I was facing. I have no hesitation recommending Heidi to anyone looking to see some personal insight. Debbie
Dear Heidi
Since my session with you on Friday I settled down and did some incredible healing on myself over the weekend. I believe speaking to you helped me to clarify some important ‘next steps’ and triggered my self-belief and gave me tremendous reassurance of my connection with the beautiful, loving and powerful energies of The Angels.
Thank you – and me- for turning up at just the right time.
With love and gratitude, Naz
“Heidi was so accurate and informative with her reading for me, she helped reassure me that my situation can be worked through and gave me hope to carry on. Her assessment of my life and situation was completely spot on and her guidance given in a totally supportive and encouraging way. I have taken on board everything she has said and feel a lot lighter and happier already, thank you Heidi” Melanie.


Meeting Heidi was an extremely motivating experience for me. She was very warm and welcoming and made me feel at ease very quickly. Heidi gave me the guidance that I was looking for and answered all my questions. I loved the fact that she used an array of spiritual tools – it kept the reading very interesting and also confirmed a lot of answers that kept coming up for me. I would highly recommend Heidi as she is a great expert in her field. Thank you, I really appreciated the time you spent with me. Raj x

Heidi has given me the confidence I had lost, she is a wonderful reader and gave me the spiritual guidance I needed. She made me aware of the different options and opportunties to make my life better. She is warm and healing. She was spot on  with where my life was and she showed me the path to happiness. Thank you so much, I will definately come back. Wendy W.


I went to Heidi and she was extremely helpful and very caring. Her advice was clear and really had a positive effect on me. I will definately go to her again as she is spot on with telling you what you can do to improve any situation. She is not your average psychic as she forms more of a friendship bond with you an can still be contacted for further advice. Askar


Hi Heidi, thank you so much for my reading, it gave me the guidance I needed. It also confirmed a lot about myself. I walked away feeling more confident, it was a really good experience. I felt really welcomed and relaxed and came back feeling very positive. Thank You K Patel


Thank you so much for the  readings that you did for both my husband and myself. You were spot on for both of us and even picked up on a family issue that my husband is having with his son. You didn’t ask personal questions but were still able to pick up on so much that is going on in our lives at present. We will definitely be coming back and thank you again for all the support and reassurance you gave us. My husband arrived a non-believer but left very much a believer – Michelle Y -


My meeting with Heidi was certainly a lovely experience, I felt so comfortable and relaxed from the moment I stepped into her home. Heidi is very talented and does not focus on just one area of your life, she covers as much as possible and is very patient. The readings were in-depth and the knowledge & variety of spiritual cards that were offered to me focused on so many different areas and emotions. I came away feeling relaxed, focused & even though I have a lot of self learning to do, I will be back & look forward to seeing you again, Much Love Sonia xx


My reading with Heidi was amazing! It was very accurate with what is happening in my life at the moment and what I wanted to know, which confirmed a lot and has given me strength and belief. I came away feeling relaxed, reassured and at peace. Heidi you explained in depth my chosen cards and my questions, even though we ran well over time you made me feel very welcome. Your talent at what you do gave you the insight to pick two green heart crystals before I came and kindly asked me to chose one – which symbolized and summed up my reading. I will be seeing Heidi again – thank you so much Heidi it has helped me more than you can imagine and things are already moving in the direction of what we spoke abou. Kind regards and see you in 6 months! T Saunders


I had a reading with Heidi, and found that she was extremely helpful, honest and very welcoming. She talked things through with me and really broke down what I needed to do. She made me feel positive about all the areas in my life I came to question. Not at one point did she tell me that she knew what was best, she kept reminding me that I was in control and she was only helping not directing.Unlike other readings I didn’t only come back with positive energy but she also gave me homework too. I would definality go to her again. Love Poonam

Heidi and I connected as soon as we met and I was really looking forward to having an angel reading with her. The reading was amazing, so uplifting and inspiriational. I had some very direct messages which related to my life and a lot of encouragement to make changes to find greater personal fulfilment. I felt completely different afterwards as if I was setting off on a new and exciting path with some spiritual, loving guidance. Sara



I have had both Psychic Tarot and Angel card readings with Heidi and both times they have been amazingly accurate! Heidi is a natural, with a genuine talent . Julie Winstanley


Hello Heidi! Thank you so much for last week, was a great experience and something I look forward to doing again in 6 months time! I took alot away from the reading! A M


“Heidi has completed angel readings for me on several occasions, and each time the information she provides has been both pertinent and insightful. She often brings me a new perspective to the issue at hand, and I always find her advice helps me to move forwards when I am faced with a challenge. Occasionally, Heidi receives communication from power animals, as well as from her angels and guides. In one of my readings, Heidi introduced me to an especially pertinent message from a new power animal, one to whom I had not previously been connected. The timing of that intervention could not have been more appropriate, and I deeply value Heidi’s assistance at such critical moments on my life path.” Much love, – Samantha New-Fielding

More client feedback on Testimonials page.


Readings in person in TW3 (near Twickenham rugby ground) or by phone or skype.





By law I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only – you create your future with the choices you make!

Psychic clairvoyant

Spiritual Readings, 1-2-1, Phone or Skype Credit cards accepted
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