Uplifting & Empowering Psychic Readings

Hello and welcome,

I am an intuitive clairvoyant helping you find the most positive, happy and clear way forward.

Readings give you clarity, insight and a different perspective, helping you find peace and happiness and overcome challenges you may be facing. You have landed here for a reason – maybe you are looking for some spiritual guidance because you feel stuck or confused.

We all go through times of uncertainty and loss and I have had my fair share. My aim is to help you see  ‘the wood for the trees’ and find a positive and empowering way forward to create the happy, loving and successful life you deserve.

Extremely accurate

“It was an absolute pleasure to meet Heidi and have her do my reading. She was extremely accurate and helped me to clarify a lot of things resulting in me feeling extremely calm, confident and with a sense of renewed positivity. I cannot recommend her enough, she is extremely kind and enjoyable to talk to and I very much hope that I will see her again in the future.” Yasmin H 

Uplifting, reassuring & accurate

” I’ve met with Heidi twice a couple of years ago through my very close friend. I remember feeling very unstable and without hope at that time of my life. I guess I felt I needed someone to help me to understand what was happening with me and around me. Heidi’s sessions were exactly what I was looking for. In that time of uncertainty and stress I found Heidi’s guidance uplifting, reassuring and accurate (as I found out later) and that all things pass and the universe has a great plan for all of us. I’m very happy that I got to work with Heidi and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for clarity and feels overwhelmed by life situations. Professional Ballroom Dancer, Instructor & Choreographer Kristina Rihanoff x x

Great rapport

“I have had two readings with Heidi, always when I was facing big changes in my life and need to get some guidance towards the direction I was contemplating. Heidi creates a great rapport and instantly puts you at ease and wants to understand how she can best help you get clarity to the dilemmas you currently face. I found both the readings really insightful and very accurate indeed, she helped me deal with the challenges I was facing. I have no hesitation recommending Heidi to anyone looking to see some personal insight.Debbie S

Warm hearted & positive energy

“I had an intuitive reading with Heidi and she gave me all the relevant information that I needed to clarify my situation. She is very helpful, warm hearted and uplifting with positive energy. The  entire session had a very positive effect on me. THANK YOU Heidi for everything.”  Kahil x

I have been blessed with some lovely client reviews…see Testimonials page

Readings deal very much with your life right now, concerns around your home-life, career, finances and relationships. Angelic guidance acts as confirmation on feelings and intuitive hints you may already be getting, but are not acting on! Colour highlights the energies affecting you emotionally, and your loved ones in spirit may connect if they have a special message for you.

Readings work best for you when they are interactive and you are ready to take action on the guidance you receive. Many of my clients leave with ‘home play’ – tools and techniques to attract positive outcomes and a happier and more meaningful life.

All readings are compassionate, non-judgemental and straightforward. I work with various metaphysical and coaching tools to give you the most value.

Book here… (please arrange the date and time before paying – thanks)

1 hour Psychic Reading – In person in TW2 or via phone or Skype

Price: £80

2 hour Psychic Reading & Empowering Mentoring Session – In person only
Price: £147

30 Minute Psychic Reading via phone or Skype only

Price: £45

90 minute – The Way Forward Session

Price: £97

Time goes very quickly both on the phone and face to face, so really consider what you wish to achieve from your time. I recommend you have a written list of questions ready and don’t be afraid to ask them. Be relaxed and open-minded with pen and paper ready to take notes!

Please call me on 020 8894 7343 or email me via the  contact page  to arrange your appointment time.


By law I have to state that readings are for entertainment purposes only – you create your future with the choices you make!

Heidi Wells – Psychic, Wellbeing Coach, LOA, Colour Expert and Mindfulness Mentor – Twickenham